Alison Lester at the Rodeo, Borroloola NT

Alison: I recently returned from the Northern Territory town of Borroloola, which is situated close to the coast of the Gulf of Carpenteria.

I was there with my friend Maree. She was there to help the community make a mosaic mural and I went to work with the kids and adults to make books. Our visit coincided with the local rodeo where people from all over the NT and interstate came to have lots of fun! Lots of the kids and adults were getting around in brand new gear, including hats, shirts and belts and they looked fantastic. Lots of the kids from the school rode in the rodeo, competing in the junior bullride! It was great to watch.

We wanted to make a few books over the two weeks and the first book we made was called “Reading with families”, which we did as part of the Families as First Teachers program. This is a great program which emphasises how important it is to read to little children. Our book was great and it showed other people how to make books.

The kids were telling me that lots of people refer to Borroloola as ‘the fighting town’, because there was a lot of fighting going on there. This made the kids feel sad so we decided to make a book about things that cause fights. The adults thought this was a great idea too so we worked really hard and made a book called “The Fighting Town”.

In the book there was lots of yelling and the people had been fighting for so long they actually had forgotten what they were fighting about. The Rainbow Serpent hears all this fighting and decides to visit to see what is going on. The final book we made was called ‘Borroloola Stories’.

I had a wonderful time in Borroloola and a big thanks to everyone who helped organise the visit and worked so hard with us over the two weeks.  I will never forget the running of the Borroloola Cup with the horses running down the rodeo track!











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