Jackie French reporting from the 50th Anniversary of the School Library Association (NSW)

Jackie French reporting from the 50th Anniversary of the School Library Association (NSW)

Saturday 1st March

10 am Lucy Moore gives possibly the best author introduction ever for Morris Gleitzman. Morris had given the curriculum to his book club to critique.

11.30 cake!

11.40 More cake! (have two sessions to give so need the energy)

12.30 Lucy Moore introduces me. Suspect that one day we are going to see ‘Lucy moore’ n the title page of some extraordinary books.

3 pm Finish sessions. Feel like crying/and or hugging everyone here. Those who work for kids so often called ‘tireless workers for childrens’ literature’ etc. Have never met anyone who works for kids who isn’t tired. Bushed. Bazookered. And still keeps going.

Please, to every wonderful person at this conference: don’t stop.

Sunday 2 march

10. 10 am Congratulations to Karen Healy (When We Wake) and Jaclyn Moriarty (A Corner of White) for their shortlistlings in the Andre Norton Sci fi awards in the USA!

11.20 am Family open at at the Literature Centre Fremantle march 16. Mark Greenwood and Frane Lessac with give the inside story of their fabulous book Midnight, about an Australian Soldier and his horse. Wish I could be there!

 11.22 Also hear Phil Cummings and Owen Swan talk about their book Anzac Biscuits. (haven’t read it but just about to make Bryan the biscuits. Possibly first recorded recipe is in my Grandma’s hand written recipe book 1916)

 4.45 Wallaby neatly eating pomegranates outside my window.

 6.32 Annoyed wombats outside my study door. No carrots for three days. Wombats seriously displeased.

 8.04 Pm Still digesting fascinating suggestions for the perfect school from kids’ video session. Must write them down. Tomorrow!

 8.05 Still haven’t made Bryan’s Anzac biscuits. Tomorrow for that too.

8.30 Bushed. Bazookered. And will have an early night.

 And here are some excellent ideas from the conference:

Darcy Moore, Deputy Principal Dapto, on how to fund your library. Community partnerships. Invite local MP as an advocate. Rent library spaces in out of school hours. Letters to newspapers about the boosk you need.

Darcy Moore again: we need one NSW library card so kids can use any library. How about An Australia wide one?

And more from Moore: let kids sit anywhere. Have a ‘news lounge.’ Partner with municipal libraries.

And more marvellous Moore; Curriculums come and go. Libraries continue for Millennia!


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