How to Make Your Own Mr Chicken

If you've ever wanted to make your own Mr Chicken then Chevallum State School in Queensland is here to inspire!

Kerri Day is a teacher's aide at Chevallum State School and she got in touch recently to send us a pretty amazing photograph.

Homemade Mr Chicken

It's a DIY Mr Chicken who is looking mighty proud of himself!

"Leigh Hobbs is such a wonderful choice for Children's Laureate,' Kerri said. 'The students at our school, Chevallum State School, Qld, love his books. We especially like Mr Chicken and so we made our own Mr Chicken for our school library."

And how exactly did they put together this superb Mr Chicken?

"He is made from a laundry basket wrapped in a doona, topped with a swimming ring and then covered in a yellow garbage bag. The kids loved having their photo taken with him and the doona made him nice and soft to cuddle."

That's an inspired DIY project! And Kerri's description is a good starting point for anyone else planning on making their own Mr Chicken.

Chevallum State School – we salute you!

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