Hello Purnululu

In late July 2016, Laureate Leigh Hobbs along with Ann James, illustrator, author and friend, travelled about 4,000 kilometres to spend a week with students at Purnululu School in Western Australia's Kimberley region. Here's what they got up to.

Leigh Hobbs: ‘What a great experience this was. I’d not seen much of WA apart from Perth and Fremantle previously so the Kimberley was a real revelation.
But of course working with the kids at Purnululu was the reason for the trip – and very much the highlight. And what funny, enthusiastic and spirited kids these are: ready to grasp new ideas and run with them. I feel that I came away having learned more than I’d taught.'

ACLA would like to thank the students and staff of Purnululu School and the Association of Independent Schools Western Australia for making this trip possible.

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