Call out to teacher-librarians, art and music teachers

Earlier this week on his Facebook page our Laureate Leigh Hobbs posted this call out to teacher-librarians. To say the response has been long and loud would be an understatement. Please visit Leigh's page if you would like to add your thoughts.

TEACHERS! LIBRARIANS! PARENTS! I'm appalled at the continuing disappearance from schools of Libraries and Librarians as well the diminishing presence of art and music from the primary (in particular) school curriculum.

As Australian Children's Laureate 2016–2017, I am passionate about, and convinced of, the value of School Libraries and fully trained Librarians, and art and music as being an invaluable part of a child's life at school. Always but especially these days, when children are constantly and I believe overly assessed, art and music ideally offer them a means of self expression no matter where so called 'ranking' places them.

If you know of a school where the Library has all but gone (or has been replaced by a 'learning hub') and/or art and music no longer are on the school curriculum, would you please message me via Facebook. I am addressing a number of conferences in the coming months as well as contributing pieces about this issue to the press.

Leigh Hobbs





  1. Hi. I don't know a school where the library is being taken away, but I do know schools are always very low on funds to support their library. As an author I do school visits and the feedback that I always get is that it is very inspirational for the kids. We should be inspiring our kids and encouraging them to read, not taking away from them and never letting them use pencils and paper anymore. Technology has taken up too much of our kids lives and we are losing so much. i know we gain new skills as well but there must be a balance. I support your goals 100%. Sincerely, Gwyneth Jane Page