All over Australia

Morris Gleitzman was hard to miss when the media embargo was lifted at a minute past midnight on Monday 12 February.

All over Australia, Morris Gleitzman spoke to Virginia Trioli on ABC News Breakfast

By breakfast time he was everywhere. By mid-morning the Australian Children’s Laureate announcement was trending on Twitter and flooding Facebook feeds.

There was local and community radio all over Australia, newspapers and blogs. Everywhere Morris went, he spoke about the central role books play in the lives of children today.

Here are a few of the highlights:

ABC News Breakfast

Linda Morris in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

Stephen Romei in The Australian

Of course he was on Radio National’s new books-only edition of The Hub.

And on Mamamia’s podcast This Glorious Mess with some good ideas about how to approach reading without the tears.

Even the UK book trade magazine The Bookseller was even ready to claim Morris back.

Yes, it was quite a week.

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