Hello from your new Australian Children’s Laureate for 2020/2021!

My name is Ursula Dubosarsky. I’m a writer. I’ve written a lot of books for children and young adults.

​The Australian Children’s Laureate is a person who is lucky enough to be chosen to travel around Australia – and even the world! – talking to children and adults about my favourite things on earth. Can you guess what?

BOOKS! I love READING books. I love WRITING books. And I also love every place where you find books, especially LIBRARIES.

​So wherever I go as the Australian Children’s Laureate for the next two years, I am going to be talking about BOOKS, READING and LIBRARIES.


On this website, every month I’ll share a writing idea with you that I really enjoy and that I hope you will too.

You could keep a special book for this monthly writing – your very own Laureate Writing Book!

You can draw pictures to go with your writing, or make collages, or write other things you’ve thought of.

Then at the end of the year you’ll have a whole book of writing, all done by you!

Anyway, let’s go.

​We’ve already JUMPED through JANUARY so now:


Look at those words, FEBRUARY FLIES.

Hmm, does it mean – that February has wings and is flies through the air?

Or does it mean – look at all those flies buzzing around in February?

Actually, it could mean both!

Do you know what it’s called when a word has two meanings like that, especially in a joke? A PUN.

So for our very first writing activity, let’s write a story using PUNS.

Start by thinking of a sentence with the word FLY.

Here’s what I thought of:

“I wish I could fly,” said the sorrowful snake.

Ok. Then write the next sentence in the story with the word FLY meaning something else. Like this.

“You could, if you had wings like me,” replied the crafty fly.

See what I mean? Keep your story going, using more PUNS. Here’s how I continued my story with SEA and SEE:

To show him what he meant, the fly few down to the SEA.

“Where are you?” called the snake. “I can’t SEE you anywhere!”

You can begin your story just like this, with the snake and the fly. Or you might like to make up your own beginning. Whatever you choose, here are some pairs of words you can use to keep it going.  I bet you will soon start to think of even more.











Just keep right on writing, until next month!



  1. Tereza says:

    Congratulations, a wonderful choice.Ursula is amazing both professionally and personally,I met her once at my son’s school.