A Month of Hairy Noses - Jackie French

A Month of Hairy Noses - by Jackie French A Month of Hairy Noses. I have just been trimming my moustache. It is extremely handsome, blonde and hanging down below my chin, fixed on with a doubled over sticky label. … READ MORE

KOALA – the Kids Own Australian Literature Awards

KOALA – the Kids Own Australian Literature Awards – began in 1986. It was the creation of a group of motivated volunteers who valued, in equal measure, children’s opinions and the promotion of Australian books and authors. After a great … READ MORE

Books Among the Snow Gums by Jackie French

Books Among the Snow Gums - by Jackie French The snow gums have donned their winter bark, splashes of deep orange and vivid green, silvery-cream and yellow-white, crouched upon the mountains, ready for the snow. Above them the snow clouds … READ MORE

An Easter Story by Jackie French

An Easter Story - blog post by Jackie French " The St Bedes’ kids had their Easter parade this week. It wasn’t advertised, but there they were, the whole school, showing off their Easter hats as they walked won one side … READ MORE

Celebrating the - IBBY-Asahi 2014 Winners

As supporters of successful reading initiatives nationally and internationally the Australian Children's Laureate would like to congratulate the winners of the IBBY-Asahi 2014 Winners. The information below is c/o: http://www.ibby.org/index.php?id=1379         The IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award, initiated by … READ MORE

Perfect Pete and Monkey Magic by Jackie French

Perfect Pete and Monkey Magic We are sitting in the Darling Harbour Lend Lease Theatre and the sophisticated twelve-year old sitting next to me is not impressed. A play about sheep? For kids? Forty-five seconds later he is giggling so … READ MORE

Ten Days of Magic by Jackie French

Ten Days of Magic It’s like being ten years old again and being given six new books and a whole watermelon – all to myself. No, better than that… Sunday, 23 March, and I have finally met the heroes of … READ MORE

The CBCA Shortlist

The CBCA Shortlist Overjoyed to see some of the books I’ve loved most this year on the CBCA Shortlist! Mark Greenwood and Terry Denton’s Jandamarra; Light Horse Boy by Dianne Wolfer and Brian Simmonds; Yoko's Diary, a Japanese girl’s diary … READ MORE

Teachers as heroes: go the Gruffalo! by Jackie French

Teachers as heroes: go the Gruffalo! Last week Radford College Junior School head Paul Southwell made it from Radford College Canberra to the National Library, dressed as a Gruffalo - all to get kids reading. Paul had made bet his … READ MORE

No Child is Hopeless - by Oz Laureate Jackie French

Once again, last week, I heard the same old phrases from a teacher: ‘They’re hopeless.’ “There’s nothing you can do with kids like these’ ‘There’s no point turning up, really.’ Two years ago I had to bet a headmistress $5,000 … READ MORE

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