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This Is Not Goodbye

As Jackie French's laureateship winds up after a triumphant two-year reign, she writes about her time as the Australian Children's Laureate, reflecting on the people she has met, the places she has visited and the importance of books and literature for … READ MORE

The HUSH Book

Authors and illustrators donated work to create a stunning book, The Hush Treasure Book, for the Hush Foundation, that creates happiness for kids in hospital and their families. The book, the organisers and the Hush Foundation are truly wonderful. The … READ MORE

CARE Schools

They call them CARE schools in WA, one of those constructed acronyms that tries to make a name that sounds like the words that each letter stands for. But this is the most perfect name for these schools. As part … READ MORE

Monday May 11 is Hairy Nosed Day

Hairy Nosed Day is when we wear Whiskers For Wildlife. Hairy Nosed Day is run by The Wombat Foundation, that raises funds for Northern Hairy Nosed Wombats.  I’m a director, and on Monday I’ll be wearing my whiskers for  the hairy nosed … READ MORE

Jackie French in Bologna!

Bologna – the place and the Laureate Summit – was breathtaking. Literally: it took physical effort to take that first breath, both at seeing the weathered beauty of Bologna, and realising that in that one room we had representatives of … READ MORE

CBCA Shortlist 2015 - Jackie French

CBCA shortlist 2015: congratulations to all on it, and happy 70th  birthday CBCA Award.  Many – no, a multitude – of happy returns! I'm perhaps one of the first generation of writers brought up on CBCA shortlisted books, who saw their country … READ MORE

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