Meet the Laureate: Morris Gleitzman


This is where you can find out about me and the ideas and themes I'll be exploring in my laureateship. A lot of them are on the Stories Make Us calendar, which you can find out more about below.

For more about me, my books and my writing you can visit There you'll find biographies long and short, background goss on all my books (plus first chapters to read or listen to), pics of me and my book covers to download, lots of questions from readers who I have to tell you are ruthless sticky-beaks, and I think even an indignant letter I wrote to the government.

Click on each title below to go to the pages in this section. Happy hunting!

Stories Make Us - The Calendar

The Stories Make Us calendar is a sort of mission statement broken down into twelve monthly parts about stories, and how they work, and the things they give us, and how they make us. Thanks to Andrew Weldon's wonderful drawing skills and sense of humour, these ideas are fun to look at too. Have a delve.

My blog

I'm not a very frequent blogger.  But when I'm on the road and meeting people in my ermine-trimmed robes, I'll be sending a few thoughts and experiences to the ACLF twitter feed, and I'm sure they'll also find their way onto this iBlog (infrequent Blog).

Interviews and Articles

A lot of what I have to say as laureate I say in interviews and articles. This section has a list of links to different interviews I've done and articles that I've written.

The Conversation

More about me

Here's a bit of a bio about me and my work with the ACLF.