Activity Ideas for June – #HearAStory

6. Hear a Story_June_Activity ideasAccording to Jackie French's Share A Story calendar June's story theme is Hear A Story.

Here are some ideas for activities to help hear, see and feel those stories.

  • Tweet/facebook about your favourite audio book or plays @OzLaureate, @BolindaAudio
  • If you are holding a storytelling session this month at your public library or bookshop tweet/Facebook the details to @OzLaureate #hearastory and we will retweet it to our followers
  • If you are a bookshop why not play your favourite audiobooks in store throughout June?
  • What books do you know that have been made into stage plays or musicals or films? Paddington, Harry Potter, Nim’s Island, I am Jack. Look up what children’s shows are on at the Sydney Opera House.
  • Act out a favourite story for your family, friends or class.
  • Phone or Skype a child you love and read them a story
  • Entertain the cook: read to them as they make dinner
  • Volunteer to read stories at lunch time at your local school, or to after school care kids
  • Brighten up a bus or train journey, or waiting in a queue at the supermarket, by listening to an audiobook (BorrowBox Library)
  • Hear a story you loved long ago on an audiobook
  • Share and celebrate your funny family stories: 'When I was little...' 'Remember the time when...'
  • Chinese whispers is a fun game you can play with a group of friends: sit or stand in a circle or a long line. The first person in the line quietly whispers a sentence to their neighbour. This person then whispers what they heard to their neighbour and so on down the line. The last person announces the sentence to the group - and then the first person tells everyone what the first sentence was!
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