Alison Lester and Coral Tulloch win the 2012 Environment Award for Children's Literature

Wildness Award 2012

Alison Lester (left) and Coral Tulloch (centre), author and illustrator of One Small Island receive their Environment Award for Children’s Literature from Wilderness Society campaigner, Liz Johnstone in Hobart. Photo: Doug O’Neil.

Congratulations to Laureate Alison Lester and author Carol Tulloch for receiving the Wilderness Society's 2012 Environment Award for Children's Literature for their picture book One Small Island.

The winners of the 2012 Award are Hairy Nose, Itchy Buttby Elizabeth Frankel and Garry Duncan and One Small Island by Alison Lester and Coral Tulloch.

Lester and Tulloch’s One Small Island tells the story of Macquarie Island – a remote and precious World Heritage site. The book explores the island’s unique geological beginnings, its discovery and degradation at the hands of humans, and attempts to protect and restore it today.

Meanwhile, Hairy Nose, Itchy Butt follows the plight of a Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat on a mission to track down his favourite scratching tree. The book was inspired by a desire to help protect South Australia’s faunal emblem from threats such as disease, habitat loss, and death on the roads.

The Wilderness Society's annual Environment Award for Children’s Literature is designed to encourage children to take an interest in nature and to feel a sense of responsibility for our wild places and unique wildlife. And in this instance, it seems to be working.

“Proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to help with on-ground work that some dedicated SA scientists are doing with wombat conservation”, explains Frankel.

To read the article in full visit the Wilderness Society Website.


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