The inaugural Share a Story calendar becomes part of 'On my first day' - an ACT Government Community Services project

ACLA has collaborated with the ACT Government’s Community Services Directorate to extend the life of the inaugural Share a Story calendar to be part of their On my first day project

A printed copy of the Share a Story calendar has been included inside packs to preschoolers in ACT ahead of starting school in 2016.

On My First Day - media release 

ACT Government Community Services_200A child’s first day in school can be ‘fun’, or make you ‘nervous, happy and scared’ according to a book written by children for children.

On My First Day contains messages and drawings from children in kindergarten and Year 1 and is designed to help children who are about to start school for the first time and get ready for this important milestone.

Mark Collis, Executive Director of the Community Services Directorate Office for Children, Youth and Family Support, said the publication would be provided to the 5,500 children entering kindergarten in 2016.

“I am sure most of us can remember how we felt on our first day at school which just shows how big an event it is in our lives,” Dr Collis said.

“Some children will transition to school without any issues while others may need a bit of time to adjust.

“What is clear is that if children can talk to their families about school in the lead up to the start of the new year it can help address any concerns.”

This is the second edition of On My First Day, which was first published in 2011. Dr Collis said that feedback from the first edition showed that it had been a useful tool for preschoolers and their families.

“It is particularly pleasing that preschools are using this book to support children to transition to school,” Dr Collis said.

“For example at Isabella Plains Early Childhood School, staff have made full use of On My First Day by embedding it into their curriculum and transition programming.

“I would also like to acknowledge the support of Libraries ACT again this year, providing a library bag with this book for each preschool child across Canberra.”

On My First Day is an Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) project, coordinated by the Community Services Directorate, with funding made available from the Australian Government, and is available online by visiting

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