Stories Make Us Calendar

The Stories Make Us Calendar is a sort of mission statement broken down into twelve monthly parts. Mostly about stories, and how they work, and the things they give us, and how they make us. Lots of themes and ideas that I hope will start lots of conversations. And thanks to Andrew Weldon's wonderful drawing skills and sense of humour, they're fun to look at too.

You can download and print out the poster and use it in your home, classroom, library, bookshop, cafe or office. Interpret each monthly theme in any way you like. Let’s create, enjoy and share stories all through the year together – and encourage children to explore the world through stories.

Click here to download a high-resolution .pdf of the Stories Make Us Calendar.

Please only use the poster in context of the design above. And for the use of this beautiful poster, please consider donating to the ACLF to support the work of the Australian Children's Laureate.

How to use the Stories Make Us calendar

Click on each of the months on the picture of the calendar below. Each month will take you to a new page that considers the theme of that month in more detail. For those of you having trouble with the image, a list of each monthly link is presented below the calendar.

There's a different theme for every month to inspire your story adventures! Have a delve.

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Just Imagine January - Stories make us creative Feel the Feelings February - Stories make us connected Me in Your Shoes March - Stories make us hopeful Afraid No More April - Stories make us inspired Mostly Not Squashed May - Stories make us determined Just Admit it June - Stories make us honest Genuinely Smart July - Stories make us clever Ask the Question August - Stories make us curious Say It Anyway September - Stories make us cheeky On the Other Hand October - Stories make us thoughtful Now and Forever November - Stories make us celebrate Dare to do it December - The story of your life
Illustrations © Andrew Weldon. Calendar © ACLF.

Links to each month's articles

And for even more Stories Make Us resources you can