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Industry Sponsor 3 year Membership

The ACLF Board invites industry members to assist in making the Australian Children’s Laureate program sustainable in the long term (to match the UK’s upcoming 20th Children’s Laureate Anniversary).

This sustainability will enhance ACLF’s ability to promote the children’s book industry via this exciting initiative. This is the chance for the industry to get behind the Laureate program with on-going funding to support infrastructure and management.

The Board of ACLF is therefore inviting members of the Australian children’s publishing industry and interested arts organisations to support the ACLF program by committing to a yearly membership over three years, with the possibility of renewing beyond this point.

To find out more about how the role of the Laureate benefits the Children's Literature Industry read our ACLA Industry Benefits Report 2014.

Download an industry sponsor 3 year membership form here:
Industry Membership ACLF Donation Form

Or visit our page on the GIVE NOW website.

*It should be noted that ACLF has DGR Status which allows donations to be tax deductible.


Other Sponsor packages

Sponsorship offers vital support in running the Australian Children's Laureate program to ensure it has maximum impact on young people around Australia.

We offer bespoke opportunities for brands and businesses looking to connect with our own brand and vision: Reading Changes Lives!

We want to work with aligned partners to develop a culture of reading in Australia, especially in regional and remote areas.

To find out more please contact the ACLF office: admin@childrenslaureate.org.au



‘Today we hosted an extraordinary storyteller. The fascinating, 2012-13 Australian Children’s Laureate, Boori Monty Pryor visited SAC. Chatting to Yrs 7-8 about the value of true storytelling: A skill which includes dancing, singing and drawing. All creative energies which work together to create strong cultural bonds. Boori got the whole room dancing through his story telling journeys, and we learnt how his fantastic and award winning book, called ‘Shake a leg’ was created.’ 

Fran Penfold, Secondary Teacher librarian, Sacre Coeur Girls School, VIC

‘The Children’s Laureate program recognises the value and contribution made by Australia’s leading writers for children. The laureateship provides a platform for writers and illustrators to champion the values and highlight the contributions books and reading make to our lives. The program also enables the Laureate to undertake activities and drive campaigns that they hold dear. While the program is still in relative infancy, it is inspiring to see the commitment shown by all three of the Laureates. By organising and working together, ACLA’s Children's Laureate promotes reading and increases participation by children, families and institutions. In this, the Children’s Laureate is a voice for all.’

Mike Shuttleworth, Children’s and youth literature activist, Schools Program Director, Melbourne Writers Festival

"The Australian Children’s Literature Alliance shares The Children's Book Council of Australia mission to promote the importance of children's literature and the power of reading to young Australians. 

ACLA’s major initiatives including the appointment of a biennial Australian Children's Laureate blend harmoniously with the endeavours of The CBCA. 

The annual Children’s Book of the Year Awards assist in raising community awareness of the value of reading, promoting children’s literature and the Australian book industry. 

Similarly ACLA activities including events that highlight the Children’s Laureate highlight the work of Australian creators of children's literature and promote the Australian book publishing industry.

CBCA is proud of its alliance with ACLA in attaining their mutual objectives."

Angela Briant, Chair National Board, The Children’s Book Council of Australia

"The children's book world is full of passionate and dedicated individuals and organisations that have made it their life’s work to nurture and promote Australian children's literature. ACLA has given them the opportunity to be part of a united and focussed effort to bring to the wider community a better knowledge and awareness of the richness of Australia's literary culture. As a publisher, the work of ACLA, especially the Australian Children's Laureate program, is not only a vehicle helping to promote our authors and illustrators, but a vital part of the 'chain of enthusiasm' that unites us all."

Erica Wagner, Publisher – Books for Children and Teenagers, Allen & Unwin 

"The Australian Booksellers Association is very supportive of the Australian Children’s Laureate Program.  As an industry which is experiencing paradoxical challenges:

  • Reading has to compete with significant new challenges that the digital space provides to how children spend their leisure time;
  • Children’s books are the significant growth area in book sales. Where adult non-fiction sales are fairly flat, and fiction sales are declining, kids sales are increasing and becoming the major growth area in bookselling.

We recognise the importance of reading to a healthy Australian culture.  The Australian Children’s Laureate Program not only supports and promotes excellence in Australian children’s writing, but more broadly supports literacy and the pure joy of reading."

Joel Becker, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Booksellers Association