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Laureate 2012-2013 Alison Lester 

I loved being the Laureate and I loved sharing it with Boori although we didn’t work together all that much. It felt good to be a team, both travelling around Australia and the world, talking about books, stories and reading then running writing and illustrating workshops. It was incredibly exciting going to China, Italy and Ireland but all the little schools and communities we visited in Australia were just as special. From Bruny Island in the south to Mornington Island in the north I travelled all over Australia, helping kids turn their stories into books.

"It was a joy and a privilege."

Much-loved children’s authors Alison Lester and Boori Monty Pryor were Australia’s first Children’s Laureates. They were appointed together to start off the first Laureate program because of their shared creative spirit.

'They are both inspiring, creative and passionate," explained Illustrator Ann James, former ACLF Board member.

Alison Lester is one of the most highly acclaimed, awarded and respected author illustrators of children’s books in Australia.

Alison's Laureate Focus:
This is my Place – collecting words and pictures describing their lives, hopes and dreams from children all over Australia.

Alison knows that young readers are our future thinkers and as Laureate she inspired children, their families and friends to read.


‘Reading is essential…to keep exploring and to remain curious… we all need to see our own lives reflected in books.’


As a writer, and illustrator, Alison encouraged young Australians to create books about their special place using their own stories and drawings.

“All the books I create have a connection with the community where they were made, and this is the important thing. We all need to see our own lives reflected in books.”

About Alison

In a career spanning over 30 years, Alison has created over 30 books, including some of the most iconic in contemporary Australian publishing including:  Imagine; Magic Beach; Thing; Noni the Pony; Clive Eats Alligators; Kissed by the Moon and Are We There Yet? Her collaborations with Indigenous children and communities over many years have inspired both the children she has worked with, 

her peers and the book industry generally and resulted in picture books published and celebrated across the country.

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