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How to Draw a Magpie

As many of you would know, the Magpie is the symbol of our Australian Children’s Laureate. 


So, we are thrilled to share a fabulous ACLF resource – HOW TO DRAW A MAGPIE!


This exciting download has been created by illustrator Andrew Joyner, and contains step by step instructions on how you can create your very own Laureate Magpie. Andrew also created the 2020 side of our Laureate calendar (you can get your copy of the calendar HERE).


Best of all … the exciting resource is FREE to use and download.

Why not give drawing a magpie a go following Andrew’s suggestions. Maybe you can even write a little Magpie story to go with your new pictures. 

We’d love to see what you create.


Send your pictures to

magpie hero.png
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