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Gabrielle Wang & Asphyxia

Bridging Worlds Through Stories: Diversity in Storytelling

An important panel conversation for teens, parents and educators.


This video was produced in partnership with The Wheeler Centre and with funding support from The Deafness Foundation. 

Children's author and 2022–23 Children's Laureate Gabrielle Wang, and artist, writer and Deaf activist Asphyxia discuss the importance of encouraging and embracing diversity in literature.

Guided by panel host Zuva Goverwa, Gabi and Asphyxia share their creative processes, explore what diversity means to them and discuss both the positives and barriers they have faced as as creators.

This panel discussion is suitable for upper primary and high school students, as well as educators and parents.


Ursula Dubosarsky: Read For Your Life!

A professional development session for primary school teachers created in partnership with the Primary English Teachers Association Australia (PETAA).

PETAA Member Webinar: Ursula Dubosarsky
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We all want children to become good readers. And the only way to become a good reader is to keep reading. 


In this Webinar, children’s author and 2020–21 Australian Children’s Laureate Ursula Dubosarsky talks about the importance of children developing a lifelong habit of curious, adventurous reading – and how teachers play a vital role in that development.

The ACLF is proud to have worked in partnership with PETAA, to bring you this special professional development opportunity.


Ursula Dubosarsky: Agents of Choice


A professional development session for secondary-school librarians created in partnership with The Wheeler Centre.