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Sketch of a magpie standing on an open, blue book, with a sun in the background. The magpie has a speech bubble saying "Why a magpie".

Why a Magpie?

Beautifully black and white

Very recognisably Australian

Fiercely protective of their young

Create a myriad of songs to communicate,
and have beautiful voices

Strong, intelligent and boldly recognisable

... and they fly!

Magpies are

bullet bird.png
bullet bird.png
bullet bird.png
bullet bird.png
bullet bird.png
bullet bird.png
col Laureate VERT logo.png

The ACLF Logo

The original ACLA logo was designed by Cat McInnes in 2010.


It was modified slightly in 2018 by Lee Burgemeestre when it became the Australian Children’s Laureate Foundation (ALCF).

Creating the Laureate Logo

Just before the launch of our first two Laureates, Illustrator Ann James, a founding member of the Board representing creators and the Australian Society of Authors (ASA), was asked to create a special logo for the Laureate.

Ann wanted to add a pictorial image to represent the Laureate role:

  • An Australian creator of literature for children at the pinnacle of their career, celebrated and revered for their own creative work and also for their support and promotion of their peers, colleagues and their industry

  • A voice for the Children’s Book Industry, respected and knowledgeable and confident

  • A person who is passionate and motivated to promote the importance of literature for children in Australia 

  • A creator who will enjoy working collaboratively to promote a love of reading through a unique project of their own

  • Their two-year Laureate Project will involve all states and territories.


Ann, in collaboration with fellow illustrator and designer Judy Watson came up with the magpie logo design using the magpie (Laureate), the book (literature), the sun (Australia), and the flying birds (our industry).


The Magpie has played her special part at all Laureate events and launches ever since.

ACLF logo col.png

What were Ann's ideas before coming up with a magpie?

Developing the first poster

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