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We are delighted to offer our presentations to you and your students free of charge. Please follow the steps below and include all the requested information so that we can keep track of how many students and schools are using our resources. This is really helpful to us for funding purposes. We also welcome your feedback.

ICSEA shot.png

All qualifying schools can access the presentations for free but must reapply for each presentation separately. Each email must provide the following information:


Find your school, screenshot or copy and paste the rating for your school into an email with the information requested below* and email to:



  • Teacher's Name

  • School Name

  • State

  • Name of presentation Requested

  • Year of Class/es using presentation

  • Number of Students who will view the presentation

  • Proof of ICSEA rating or school enrolment number

Schools with Less than 100 Students

Schools with 100 or less students will need to email with proof of the number of students enrolled and the information on the right*. You can find the student numbers on Google or through your school office.


ICSEA Rating

The Index of Community Socio-educational Advantage (ICSEA) is a scale of socio-educational advantage that is computed for each school and you can read more about it by clicking this link:

The easiest way to access the ICSEA rating is to Google ICSEA ratings for your state. Google will show you the information like this:

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