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"Imagine A Story"

My theme as Laureate is ‘Imagine a Story’.


Your imagination is your most treasured possession and I want to encourage all children to use their imaginations regularly by reading, drawing and writing stories.


During my two years as Laureate I will be travelling around Australia conducting workshops in libraries and art galleries for my  ‘Follow the Dragon’ tour. 


My message to children, parents, teachers and librarians is:

  • Exercise your imaginations as much as possible by reading, writing and drawing.

  • Read books by diverse authors about diversity. 

  • Make your local and school libraries your favourite go-to places. 

  • Get inspiration for your own art or stories by visiting art galleries.     

Imagination is like a muscle, if you don’t use it, you can easily lose it. So remember to keep imagining, reading and immersing yourselves in stories!

Gabi xx

with Gabi


Imagine a Story Poster

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