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Laureate 2014-2015 Jackie French

Jackie gave face to face workshops in every to over 200,000 kids and over 50,000 adults on ‘how to find the magic book that will turn anyone into a reader’ as well as reaching many millions more through various media across Australia and overseas. She also developed the concept of The Rights of the Child Reader; gave books to over 10,000 kids in need;  helped collect over 100,000 books for kids in disaster struck or disadvantages areas, and created the month by month ‘activity’ template for the laureateship ...      

“It will continue all my life."

Jackie French is one of the most prolific and respected Australian writers of books for children and adults with picture books, novels, fiction and non-fiction. She is dyslexic and an active patron of literacy programs, and passionate advocate for equal opportunity in education.

Jackie's Laureate Focus:
There is a 'magic book' for everyone

Jackie encouraged everyone she met as Laureate to enjoy a story together.


‘There are a million ways to share a story. To have a child read to you while you cook dinner; to read to the dog when it has to go to the vet; to join a storytelling session at your library.’


Jackie also believes there is a ‘Magic Book’ for every child – a book that excites each person to go on to read more books. Maybe even one about a naughty wombat!

“Being a Laureate is, at heart, about inspiration, enticing kids into reading programs or to hunt books more widely, luring teachers to study literacy techniques that have proven results; tempting parents to read to their kids…”

About Jackie

A great number of Jackie’s books have been awarded in Australia and overseas, including her well-known Diary of a Wombat (illustrated by Bruce Whatley). Her passion and success in the world of Children’s literature has also seen her honoured as Senior Australian of the Year in 2015 and as a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2016.

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