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The Laureate Library Card

This very special Australian Children's Laureate Library Card design is available to all Australian libraries FOR FREE!

This library card skin has been designed to allow individual libraries to add their own logos and information in the white space on the front. The back of the card (including barcode) will be the same as on a library's standard card.

Don't miss your chance to pick up this new and exciting way to encourage even more young people to join the library and become readers for life.


We would like to thank Allen & Unwin and illustrator Andrew Joyner for their support and assistance to create this card.

Libraries ACT has made the Laureate Library card available to its members. To see more about Libraries ACT membership drive CLICK HERE. 

Tohby Library Card.jpg

Your logos go here!

CL6 Library Card.jpg

Your logos go here!

DOWNLOAD specifications and more information on how you can use this FREE Laureate Library Card design

CONTACT US for design files or for any questions about the use of the Laureate Library card

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Letter to children from the Australian Children's Laureate

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"Read For Your Life!" Calendar 2021

with Ursula

with Ursula

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