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A message from Ursula for Library & Information Week 2020

Hello everyone – happy Library and Information Week 2020!

And what a special week it is this year, because have you heard the news? The libraries are reopening! They have been closed, of course, because of the virus and we have all been patiently waiting at home for things to get better. And now the time is nearly here!

Some school and local libraries have already opened, and soon even more will be. Slowly and carefully, so we are all looked after and kept safe.

It has been such a long time to be away from all the wonderful books waiting patiently for us to come and borrow them again.

Do you have a library card already? If you don’t, go down to your local library and get yourself one. Everyone is welcome to join their local library, get a library card and then and borrow books – for free!

In the meantime, enjoy Library and Information Week, especially the fabulous National Simultaneous Storytime at 11am on Wednesday, where we’ll all be reading “Britney and Whitney Chicken Divas” by Lucinda Gifford.

I’ll be reading the book live at 11am with everyone else at the beautiful new Children’s Library at the State Library of New South Wales.

See you soon, I hope - AT THE LIBRARY!!!

Ursula and Magpie


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