Libraries: bringing communities together

Our Laureate, Ursula Dubosarsky, has been working hard on a range of innovative ways to reach children with her Laureate message, Read for Your Life! This year, much of Ursula’s work has been restricted to online initiatives which have reshaped the way we reach young readers across the country.

A key part of her Laureate message is about encouraging children to join public and school libraries so they can access the broad range of stories and information they need to develop into strong readers. One way we would like to support and celebrate this is by promoting the reopening of libraries – in person or online. This will feature on our web page, social media and newsletter. Please send the information below to and put the name of your library and state or territory in the subject line. If your library hasn’t opened yet, please feel free to email us when it does.

Libraries: bringing communities together.

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Is your library open for face-to-face visits, online or both?