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Write with Ursula in August


A fire engine came screaming down the street, all the sirens blaring, the red lights flashing!

“Aaaagh!” I said, and ambled out of the way.

Hmmm, something a little strange here… what is it?

Yes, it’s that word. AMBLE.

When you amble, it’s a slow, relaxed, leisurely sort of stroll. Something you do on a sunny day with not a care in the world. NOT usually what you do when the fire engine is screaming down the street. (Unless you are a VERY relaxed kind of person.) What if I wrote I DASHED out of the way or I SPRINTED out of the way? That would give a very different impression!

Can you think of some other words to show how I got out of the way of the fire engine? Make a list of them. So many different words, so many different ways you can say something!

When I’m writing, sometimes I like to pretend I’m painting a picture. I imagine that I have a GIANT paint-box inside my head, with hundreds and hundreds – even thousands – of different shades of colour. Every time I choose a word, it’s as though I’m hovering my paintbrush above the paint-box, wondering which one I should choose to say what I really want to say.

Here’s a bit more of that story about the fire engine. Try to think of other words that I could use instead of the words I’ve put in bold. Feel free to add more than one word if you like. And maybe keep the story going – who knows where it will lead….

The fire engine stopped at the side of the road.

Get in,” said the fire officer. “You look good. You can help us put out the bad fire.”

“Yes, if I can have a nice hat like yours” I said.

Cheerful choosing!

Ursula and Magpie


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