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Write with Ursula in June!


Let’s get JIGGLING!

When you jiggle something, it means you give it a bit of a shake. So when you jiggle a word, you shake all the letters around. Sounds - WONDERFUL!

AH… Here goes. Write all the letters of W O N D E R F U L down on a piece of paper. Then cut all the letters up, one by one, so you have nine pieces of paper, each with a letter on it. Then put all nine pieces of paper in a hat and JIGGLE them around.

Tip the letters down onto a table and see how many different words you can make.

Like – WON, NEW, FLOW – oh there’s lots!

What I love about jiggling letters is that it makes you realize all the secrets that are hidden inside words, and what a – yes – WONDERFUL – thing the alphabet is, that it can just do so many different things.

You could try it using the letters of your own name – I wonder what you will find hiding there? (I’m lucky, I’ve got a very long name URSULADUBOSARSKY. Hmm, let’s see… BUSLOAD… LOUD…LABRADORS – hey, I can feel a story coming on!

There’s a special word for when you mix up the letters of a word to make different words. ANAGRAM You’ve probably seen anagram puzzles, where the letters of a word is jiggled up and you have to work out what the word was before it was jiggled.

Have a jiggle of each of these words. I wonder if you can find another word with the same letters? I’ll give you a hint. Each word has got something colourful in common…


Ppyah gilgignj !!



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