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Write with Ursula in May!


It’s great sometimes to get all mixed up – especially when it comes to inventing new words! If you’ve never invented a new word all for yourself, NOW is the moment.

It’s very easy. You just take two different words that you already know, and put them together to make a whole new meaning with a brand new mixed up word!

Here’s a few to show you how:

BURGER plus CATERPILLAR makes BURGERPILLAR – a hamburger with 100 legs

SHARK plus SANDWICH makes SHARKWICH – a shark sandwich

CACTUS plus COUCH makes CACTOUCH – a couch with lots of prickles sticking out of it

You get the idea!

An easy way to start is to write down the name of an animal or food or plant. Anything you like.

Then write down another word. Look around the room. What do you see? When I look around my room where I’m setting I can see a table, a computer, a ladder, a bookshelf, a carpet… I bet you can see more things than that.

Pick anything and squeeze it together with the first word, and see what you come up with! You might even decide to put your new word in a story or poem.

BTW, while you’re getting started, I wonder if you can work out what two words these words are made from, and what they might mean?




Happy mixing till next month!



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